Learning personalized

Times are changing. The way we want to learn is changing too. We no longer want to be squeezed in a classroom with a bunch of completely other persons and personalities. No: we want to learn the way that works best for us. As an individual. At Smart Solutions we think this is important. We have changed for instance the way in which we offer our Management Development Program. It is no longer only classroom based. It begins with an individual intake in which we take a look with you at how learning works for you. The way to present theory, and practice assignments will be adapted to the most effective way of learning for you. Even the topics are tuned to what you need or want to learn. You will have one-on-one sessions with our trainers. And of course we will provide enough interactions with others following our Management Development Program. Now, this is what we call ” New Learning”. We are totally convinced this is the way learning should be: individual based and tuned to the needs of each participants.

Sounds good? Just give me a call and we can talk about this in more detail.

Willem Jan Stokhof

Course director

tel: +5999 6704142