Kaizen continous improvement

Kaizen continous improvement


Implement Lean in one week with Kaizen and upgrade business performance!



The Japanese word “Kaizen” means to disasssemble and put together again in a better way”.

The item that we want to improve is usually a process, a system, a product or a service. This Lean Management method focuses on continous improvement in small fast steps.

While Kaizen delivers small improvements, the culture of continual aligned small improvements and standardization produces large results in terms of overall improvement in productivity.

The method used is simply the fastest, most field-proven way to:

  • To improve quality

  • To improve ergonomics and safety.

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Achieve rapid and sustainable improvements

  • Involve everyone that has a stake in the process

  • Improve both profitability and employee morale at the same time

  • Do it again and again; each time creating more value, and reducing waste.


Kaizen event: start on Monday and celebrate on Friday

Continous improvement is about getting things done in a very short time cycles. A typical Kaizen event is the most well known and most effective way of achieving immediate and measurable gains. The improvement project takes just a few days and not more than one week and is led by a facilitator. This way of upgrading business performance is a cornerstone of the continous improvement method called Lean.

Before the improvement project we prepare the organisation. Together with you we create the event charter. We start our Kaizen event with a short training of the team members on Day One. We ‘walk the process’ and do a root cause analysis on Day Two. On Day 3 and 4 we implement the improvements. On the final Day Five we measure the results and assure the sustainablility of the improvements.

And then we celebrate!

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