Lean Six Sigma & Lean management

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What is Lean Six Sigma?

The Lean Six Sigma method is by far the most sophisticated toolbox for business improvements. This toolbox is used worldwide for business process improvement. As a result of the growing business industry there is a large demand for greater speed and quality. Nowadays more than ever before. And therefore also the need grows for improvement projects in both small and large businesses. The combination Lean Six Sigma combines the two best-known improvement methods. Namely: Six Sigma and Lean. Six Sigma is about making predictable outputs with higher quality. And Lean focuses on efficiency by eliminating waste. Lean also focuses on creating ‘flow’ in the business processes.

Our training courses wil learn you how to use the right tools. In the right place, and in the right way. Not just in improvement projects, but also in your day-to-day activities. The courses will show you how to ensure the key principles and concepts of Lean Six Sigma. It will henceforth  become a natural part of how you control processes in  your organisation. So that you can get the best out of your business. And accomplish your goals better, faster and cheaper than ever.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

We will get you certified with our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course. The Lean Six Sigma certification by APMG you achieve after passing the exam successfully is of course accepted worldwide.

Antilles Management Advice (Smart Solutions) is an accredited training organization of APMG. So you are at the right place to get your worldwide recognized certificate.

Topics we adress in the course are:

  • The history of Lean and of Lean Six Sigma and the meaning of operational excellence.
  • Change management and leadership.
  • Project management and project charters.
  • All Lean performance metrics and instruments.
  • The Six Sigma performance metrics.
  • Statistical metrics and analysis and measurement system analysis.
  • Root Cause analysis.
  • Statistical process control.

This is a full 2-day training course with online exam on a third day.


  • 1.825 ANG exam, Lean Six Sigma certification (after passing the exam) and taxes are included.

To make an informed decision about this training course please check out the factsheet.

Factsheet Lean Six Sigma

Lean Management

Lean is the filosophy designed and deployed by Toyota. And nowadays also by many many other organizations in the world.  The Lean Management methodology helps you develop a structure and a culture of continuous improvement. It will help your business most of all to eliminate waste. And thus increase the ‘flow’ in your business processes.

Lean Management White Belt

Why not start with getting familiar with the principles and tools of Lean ? Take our one-day training course Lean Management White Belt. Because after this course you will have more awareness and understanding of the Lean principles. You will also understand the underlying continuous improvement concepts. And you will understand the fundamental Lean ideas. You probably will have discovered several areas in your organisation that needs improvement in terms of waste and constraints. This is therefore a good start for the Lean journey of your business. We can also give you on site support to implement Lean in your organization. This course is not about the theory of Lean Mangement alone. It also contains practical applications and excercises.

After passing the exam successfully you will of course achieve the White Belt certificate by Smart Solutions.


  • 630 ANG (exam, certificate and taxes included).

Lean Management Yellow Belt

You can take our two-day training course Lean Management Yellow Belt to learn all about Lean and it’s instruments. This course covers the topics of Lean Management of course more in depth than the White Belt course. At the end of the Lean Mnagement Yellow Belt course you will have the proper knowledge of Lean diagnostic. And also of analytical and planning techniques. You will also be able to set up and run a small improvement project.  And you will achieve the ability to use the Lean instruments in the workplace by setting up an improvement project. After the course you  will understand the importance of customer value. You will furthermore be able to assess the current state of your proceses and design the desired future state of your process. And you also will be able to solve problems by eliminating the root cause of the problem.  Finally you can  put into practice all the instruments and techniques delivered in the training course.

After passing the online exam you will of course achieve the Yellow Belt certificate by Smart Solutions.


  • 1.375 ANG (exam, certificate and taxes included).

Lean Management Green Belt

Our four-day training course in Lean Management Green Belt will give you the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the lean techniques and approaches. These are required to develop and lead a full scale Lean implementation program to achieve business improvement objectives.

We will adress all the necessary in depth knowledge to implement the Lean tools. With the focus of course to reduce waste and improve the flow in your business processes. This is probably one of the most rewarding courses for project managers and professionals involved in busines processes. This course is therefore especially for those in management responsible for quality management and business processes. For an overview of the content of this course, please look at the list of topics below.

Content of the Lean Management Green Belt course:

  • Organised work environment: 5S, cell design, production, preparation, process; ergonomics.
  • Creating a continous improvement culture by using daily stand up meetings, SOPs and brainstorm techniques.
  • The use of Root Cause Analysis and the PDCA Cyclus.
  • Scheduling activities and capacity planning: value stream mapping,theory of constraints, pull systems, kanban, Heijunka, CONWIP, Just in Time.
  • The use of visual management and performance measures: A3, display boards, network diagrams, andon, team communications.
  • Flow and Lean performance metrics and instruments: takt time, cycle time, yield, TPM, SMED, OEE, jidoka/poka yoke.
  • Advanced techniques:  practicing root cause analysis, supply chain management.
  • Management and strategy: policy deployment (Hoshin Kanri).
  • Project management: setting up a project, creating commitment, team development, continuous improvement.
  • Deploying Kaizen events.
  • Change management skills and leadership skills for effective lean team management.

After passing the exam successfully you will of course achieve the Green Belt certificate by Smart Solutions.


  • 2.325 ANG (exam, certificate and taxes included).

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