Talent Ontwikkel Programma


Making policy choices requires vision and decisiveness from every board in the public sector.  Each board is of course dependent on good professional support from local civil servants. Being a small island Bonaire relies heavily on this support. That of course demands a lot from the civil service.
That is why the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the public body of Bonaire have joined forces. Together they created TOP Bonaire (Talent Ontwikkel Programma Bonaire).
Together they launched the first edition of the Talent Development Program (TOP) in 2016. TOP Bonaire is an intensive learning program for local civil servants. The program will start in September 2018 with the third edition. The program will continue to retain and further empower local talents in the civil service.

Smart Solutions is a part of TOP Bonaire

We will deliver two training courses in this program. We will be responsible for Project Management with WISP and for Process Management| Lean Management. The participants will receive a worldwide accepted WISP certificate from APMG after passing the exam. And with the acquired knowledge of LeanManagement they will be more than able to tackle any improvement possibility in the internal processes of the civil service.  We are proud to be a part of this!

TOP Bonaire

To learn more about TOP Bonaire please visit their website HERE