Personal development


Interview techniques for professionals

This course is especially important for professionals who need information of clients on a regular basis. For instance: compliance officers or consultants. In this course you will learn all about making easy contact with your customers. You will also learn to deal with resistance. We explore topics like the 4 levels in communication and how to make good use of that. You will learn and practice how to use different approaches with different clients. This course is part of the compliance courses provided by Forensic Services. We provide this course on two levels: starters course and the advanced course. Both are one full-day training courses.

Price per participant: 635 ANG (certificate and taxes included).

Public Speaking

Afraid of speaking in public? Do you want to be more professional in speeching or giving presentations? This training course will learn you all the tricks & tips for a good public performance. We will do a lot of exercises to get you up and running like a professional.  This course contains two 4-hour sessions.

Price per participant: 635 ANG (certificate and taxes included).

Time management

Learn to use the time available in an effective and efficient way. This is most probably the most sofisticated time management course available, because we do an individual intake and personality test. This will reveal to you and your trainer your drivers and talents. This will help you more than any other time management course to use your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses. We believe in this approach because in our experience many people looking for a time management training course, often need and want a more personal approach.

Price per participant: 875 ANG (extensive personality test, individual intake, taxes and certificate included)

Personal leadership

This course is divided 3 sessions of three hours each. We will discuss the fundamentals of leadership. What makes a leader? Why should people trust you and follow? How do you create meaningful relationships with people? You will learn to grow your influence on people. This is a very interactive and reflective training course with some assignments between sessions. This course will have a major impact on you.The course is highly appreciated by participants .

Price per participant: 950 ANG (certificate and taxes included). Do you want to take this course on your own with no other participants? Of course, that is possible! Call us to align this to your needs and wishes.

All mentioned prices are for Curaçao based courses.  Prices are taxes included.