WISP project management

WISP is a new Project Management method

Which is developed to use in every small and medium-sized project. Need a concise but complete and well structured project management method? WISP has been designed for just that.

Content of the WISP course:

  • What is needed for a good preparation of a project;
  • The justification of a project and the project approach;
  • The 7 principles of WISP;
  • The 4 stages of a WISP project;
  • The project management team organisation;
  • The 4 stages of team development;
  • Communication and stakeholder management;
  • Quality products and quality review;
  • Risk management;
  • Planning the project and the stages;
  • Dealing with change and other issues;
  • Reporting on the progress of the project;
  • Handover of products to the client;
  • Evaluating and closing a project.

Who should participate in this WISP course?

The training is intended for anyone who wants to acquire the knowledge and skills of a  structured and concise method for working with projects. You will strengthen your impact as a Project Manager, Team Leader or Team Member. You will have better insights into the various stages of a sound project and the 7 principles that form the ‘DNA’ of this well structured method.

Also anyone who wants to improve his/hers employability will make a good choice by getting WISP certified. The certificate is worldwide accepted.

Practical information

2 day class room training course from 8.30 AM till 4.30 PM

Online exam in English or Dutch (your choice)

The exam contains 45 questions. The passing mark is 25 or more correct answers.

Price: 1395 ANG, exam and tax included

Additional material: the manual WISP is available for 60 ANG at Smart Solutions.

For more information or registration, please contact us directly by filling in the form below.